Entry:  L107 Name:  Anita Age:  Adult Champion: Code Read Dyslexia Network Champion - From Medieval Latin <campio> meaning fighte...

My Red Letter 2017 - L107 - Anita

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Entry: L107
Name: Anita
Age: Adult
Champion: Code Read Dyslexia Network

Champion - From Medieval Latin <campio> meaning fighter. “One who fights on behalf of others, one who undertakes to defend a cause.”

I’ve been working really hard to find a way of expressing this sentiment without it sounding like a cliche but the fact is I can’t decide who my ‘dyslexia champion’ is. I have too many. So I am going to group them all together under the banner of Code Read Dyslexia Network; the newly created NFP that burst to life on Saturday October 14th 2017 with a TV appearance on Channel 9.

When you scratch the surface of this new group you will find its slightly battered and bruised heart : a band of fiery women (mostly mothers of dyslexic children) and a sometimes grumpy but eternally passionate old bloke. These people who are bound by the same heartbreak, the same battles and the same joys, have become my safe harbour. They are my inspiration, my confidantes, my friends. They are, all at once, a soft place to fall, a lightning rod to galvanise me into action and a sounding board for all the fun, frustrations and fears this life with dyslexia brings. 

I don’t know what I’d do without them. They are the very essence of what it is to be a champion. 

Code Read Dyslexia Network are fighters and I stand proudly beside them as we go into battle. 

Anita - mother of a dyslexic child, wife of a dyslexic man child, Structured Literacy Therapist. 
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