Entry:  E099 Name:  Bailey Age:  13 Champion: Teachers   I have so many wonderful teachers that have helped me achieve my goals.  They ...

My Red Letter 2017 - E099 - Bailey

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Entry: E099
Name: Bailey
Age: 13
Champion: Teachers 

I have so many wonderful teachers that have helped me achieve my goals.  They are Mrs Kelly, Mrs Pearson, Mrs Boulton, Mr Reece Anderson, Mrs Whim, Mrs Hunter, Mrs Ayers and my current teachers
Each have known I am a little different. Well not different just very creative.  None of them gave up on me, they helped me and pushed me to achieve my best marks.  We worked together, they believed in me.  Every child deserves to have amazing teachers that lift them when they are down.  Understand when you need it explain in a different way.  Give you the confidence when you need it. Even give you cuddle to pick you up when everything seems to hard.   I am not stupid, I am still discovering my talents so watch out world, I will become someone and you will all know about it.  

Never ever give up on your goal.  My teachers never gave up on me.  I will make a promise to all my wonderful teachers that have left a mark on my heart, that I will never give up on my dreams.  I will prove to them that their time was never wasted on me and I hope they give every other kid like me the same support so that they can go on and be like me.  Grateful for the time they invested in me.  

My greatest and most valuable everyday support people are my family.  Mum, Dad and Madi.  They support me, believe in me, guide me and help me every single day.  They wipe my tears when I feel I am failing.  When I can’t write a sentence they help me.  They help me spell the words I struggle with, they check my work before I submit.  I know I will be ok because of them.  

I will never let anyone tell me I am dumb or stupid. Because I am not.  I am creative, clever, smart, funny and a unique individual.   

I am grateful every single day for the support I have had and I get from all the amazing people around.  I am chasing my goals and one day I will catch them.  
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