Entry:  E093 Name:  Angus Age:  10 Champion: Myself   For me reading with dyslexia feels like everything is written in a secret code I ...

My Red Letter 2017 - E093 - Angus

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Entry: E093
Name: Angus
Age: 10
Champion: Myself 

For me reading with dyslexia feels like everything is written in a secret code I have to try to crack. For a long time that made me very frustrated, but I started finding a lot of useful tools to help me. These tools have helped me have the confidence to become my own Dyslexia Champion. 

One of my tools is asking for help from my friends, my principal, my teachers, my parents or even my sisters. A lot of those people in my life have been Dyslexia Champions for me and have helped me find my way.

Another one of my best tools is my iPad, which I use to help me in school and at home. It makes learning much easier. Another is discovering an awesome world of audio books with help from the librarian at my school. For a long time I thought I didn’t like reading but now I have the confidence to find books and enjoy them. 

Another one is remembering that dyslexia makes me unique and smart in ways a lot of others might not be. Dyslexia helps me have great ideas and helps me solve difficult problems. It helps me crack some codes that might be really hard to some people. I think when I realised dyslexia made me special in a lot of ways, that is when I started to know I could become my own Dyslexia Champion.

Having great ideas is the tool I like best. Last term I had the great idea to start a fundraising project to raise money for my school to buy some technology to help other kids with dyslexia. I wanted other kids at my school to also become confident and to know that despite their dyslexia they can do awesome things. I raised over $4000 to buy my whole school a set of c-pens and I also got to go on ABC radio about my project. I’m very proud to have got the money for the c-pens for my school and I hope they can be used by kids like me to crack more codes.
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