Entry:  E081 Name:  Will Age:  9 Champion:  My Dog Dougie My Hero “Dougie”  I am 9 years old and have a hero a little different to most...

My Red Letter 2017 - E081 - Will

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Entry: E081
Name: Will
Age: 9
Champion: My Dog Dougie

My Hero “Dougie” 

I am 9 years old and have a hero a little different to most people.  My hero is my dog “ Dougie!”  He is amazing! 

Sometimes I can feel my body is on sensory overload, I find it difficult to concentrate. AT school I find it difficult to make people realise I am not coping and I need some help to make sense of what I need to do and I need some time and space. 

Some days are harder than others but I always try, I try really hard.  Some days when I get home from school my head and my heart hurt because I’ve had to try and hold it all together, hold all these feelings and frustrations inside, all this effort is exhausting! 

That is where “Dougie” helps me, He is a 1year old spoodle, he is very smart.  He goes to a special school for dogs, called Righteous pups. He catches a big bus, it has special boxes and seats and is filled up with lots of other dogs who learn skills to help kids like me. 

When I come home exhausted and frustrate Dougie knows its time to be on duty and to come help me out. He lies with me, we cuddle and play ball. We lie on the floor and I rub his belly and try to focus on listening to his breathing, I love it! 

He helps me in lots of ways, he lies on my bed on Tuesday nights because that’s my hardest day. He sits on my feet under my desk when I am writing stories. He’s even been the character in a lot of my stories, I love my story called “Dougie the Dangerous”, it is the best!  

Dyslexia is hard but it is always easier with a friend who can help you out. A friend with who is fluffy, with a wet nose and wagging tail is the best! 
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