Entry:  070 Name:  Mason Age:  12 Champion: Mrs Kennedy (Year 2 Teacher) Dear Mrs Kennedy  My red letter is about you, my teacher fro...

My Red Letter 2017 - E070 - Mason

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Entry: 070
Name: Mason
Age: 12
Champion: Mrs Kennedy (Year 2 Teacher)

Dear Mrs Kennedy 

My red letter is about you, my teacher from year 2. Even though I’m in year 7 now, you were the first teacher that really made me think that learning can actually be fun. My red letter is about you because you were always encouraging. Even though I found it so difficult, you had ways of making spelling and reading fun. I took longer to do things, but you always knew I was trying. You never made me stay in if I hadn’t finished and always gave me extra time. 

You were always open to new ways of helping me. You never gave up and you let me use Lego to reward me for going to extra classes. You knew I didn’t like morning reading groups and that they made my days so long, but you tried to make it worth it for me. 

When we were still trying to work out why I was struggling so much even though I tried so hard, you always helped and never told me I wasn’t trying hard enough. You always listened to what mum had to say and worked with her to help me. Even before we knew I had dyslexia, you let me use assistive technology in the classroom and when you heard about new resources that you thought might help you went above and beyond to try to get it into the classroom for me.  

Even after I left your class you always invited me back to talk to you about my achievements and my struggles. You always said that my confidence was the most important thing. You always believed in me and made me believe in myself.   

You have retired now, but I want you to know that you were the best teacher I ever had and that you’re my dyslexia champion. Thank you so much for being so kind. 

Your friend 

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