Entry:  043 Name:  Kate Age:  8 Champion:  Jamie Oliver My sister is Erika is Dyslexic and I do everything to comfort her.  Jamie Oli...

My Red Letter 2017 - L043 - Kate

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Entry: 043
Name: Kate
Age: 8
Champion: Jamie Oliver

My sister is Erika is Dyslexic and I do everything to comfort her. 

Jamie Oliver has dyslexia but it doesn't stop his wonderful career in cooking. “My dyslexia gives me the strength to look at the world in a different way.”as he would often say. He sometimes says it was the key to his success and children with dyslexia are lucky. 

When Jamie Oliver was young he could read nothing but a cook book. It took him in till he was 38 to read a novel. He chose the Hunger games as his first key to the book world. 
James Trevor Oliver is his real name but he likes to go by “Jamie Oliver “for his career name. His first job was a pastry chef. He struggled at school and barely got any work done. After being diagnosed at a young age he had to confront many challenges. I have been cooking since I was 3 and Jamie Oliver has shown me that you can use simple ingredients and turn them into something magical. 

Most people don't even know what dyslexia is let alone know that Jamie Oliver is Dyslexic. Knowing that a famous chef is Dyslexic means a great deal to me and Erika. As well as Jackie French, Jamie Oliver has put a great hope in Erika’s heart. Her difficulty’s have improved hugely when she new famous people were Dyslexic. Many people think dyslexia is an excuse for your work not to be done. I bet you they wouldn't say that if they knew Jamie Oliver was Dyslexic. My sister in year two had a teacher that kept her in for not finishing her work.Then she got diagnosed with dyslexia. 

 A lot of that is knowing that Jamie Oliver and other famous people like Keira Knightly and Jackie French are all Dyslexic. If everyone knew that Jamie Oliver was Dyslexic they would not judge some people's learning difficulties. 

You are NOT dumb …
you are NOT stupid. 
Don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do or can or cannot achieve. 
You know what springs out from your heart . 
Be whatever you want to be.

Role model always, 
In our hearts. 
No matter what happens, 
No matter how much you struggle. 
He has shown us you can achieve anything 

No matter how hard. 

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