Entry:  042 Name:  Erika Age:  10 Champion:  Jackie French Before I found out that I was dyslexic I thought I was dumb, stupid and not ...

My Red Letter 2017 - L042 - Erika

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Entry: 042
Name: Erika
Age: 10
Champion: Jackie French

Before I found out that I was dyslexic I thought I was dumb, stupid and not capable of doing anything. I couldn’t read and I couldn’t write. At lunch times I used to tell my friends amazing stories about times past, portals, dragon attacks and other worlds. I have always loved books but I couldn’t read them. I thought I would never be able to go on the adventures that paper and ink holds

When I was 8 I was diagnosed with dyslexia. Mum kept telling me stories about people with dyslexia and how they achieved. One night she read to me Jackie French’s story about her childhood and her first book. Jackie and all the other famous dyslexic authors gave me back the belief in myself. I now believe I can be an author. I now believe I can do anything if I try.

Jackie has also helped a lot of kids find the key to the door of the world of books. Mum says she does a lot for the dyslexic community. 

With the help of my tutor Victoria, I have learnt to read and write. My spelling is about as good as Jackie’s! Mum is always telling me to get off the iPad. But when she tells me to put down my book for dinner she says it with a smile as she could have never imagined I would be so obsessed with books. I am no longer afraid of books. I now write my own. Now I can share my stories on paper for everybody to read.

Here is Chapter One of the book I am writing called The Four Of Planet Earth! One my main characters is dyslexic.

Ben got out of bed to the sound of his alarm clock. He ran down the stairs and put some bread in the toaster. 

“Hey,” his older brother John said, “what are you doing up?” 
“Couldn't sleep,” Ben said. “I’ve got exams today. I hate exams!” Ben subconsciously tapped repeatedly on the bench.

“Breakfast,” Ben’s mum said happily, calling from the Kitchen. “Chocolate chip pancakes for all.” Mum scooped the pancakes onto three plates. “Ben you look ill.” 
“I'm fine,” Ben said quickly, “I just had a late night.” Ben didn't feel alright. He had that horrible feeling in his stomach. 

Ben grabbed his school bag and walked out the door.
“Hey! Hi!” said his best friend Richard as he waved to him. They always walked to school together since they were eight years old.
Richard’s hair was black and springy, no matter how hard he tried, his hair would always stick up. His uniform was perfect cause his mum always did his tie and dusted his pants. He was great at bike riding.

“Ready for exams?” Richard asked  
“No.” Ben admitted, he tried to stay positive as they walked to school. They walked down the corridor to their lockers were and Ben opened it up. A water balloon popped in his face. 
“It works every time,” said a familiar voice. 
“Annie,” Ben sighed.
“Hi,” said Annie as Ben turned around. 
Annie’s hair was brown, messy and it stuck up in every direction. Annie's eyes were ocean blue and her uniform was messy. Instead of a skirt Annie wore pants and her tie was loose. She was an excellent swimmer and she loved art.
“Where's Tilly?” Ben asked 
“preparing for the test,” Annie said.

Ding ding the bell went.
“We better get to class,” Richard said. Ben sat down at his seat, his hands trembled.
“Hey there shaky boy,” said an unfriendly voice.
“I'm just a bit nervous that's all,”Ben stuttered.
“Oo I'm just a bit nervous.” The voice teased. 
“Leave him alone Steven,” Richard said backing Ben up. Steven walked away. 
“Thanks.” Ben said. 
“Don't mention it,” Richard replied.

“Ok guys what happens if l go at the bottom of the class?” Asked a voice behind Ben. 
“You need to calm down Matilda, Annie's at the bottom of the class,” said Richard 
“I can't help that I'm dyslexic,”Annie complained. “I'm going to get a drink from the bubblers.” Annie ran out of the classroom. 

“Ok I'm fine.” Matilda said taking a deep breath. Matilda’s hair was bright red, she had plaited pigtails and she wore thick lens glasses with a purple frame. Her uniform was even neater than Richard’s, which was almost not possible. Her tie was always straight and her skirt had no creases. Her tights had no holes, she was amazingly smart, she new every thing. 

“Sit down every one!” Yelled Mrs Mater “Miss Caper please hand everyone a test paper.”
“Yes Mrs Mater,” Matilda squeaked.
Matilda handed Ben a test paper. Ben gulped.  Then he heard lots of  screams. People ran down the hallway. “Quickly close the door.” yelled Mrs Mater about 5 seconds later a flood of water rushed past.

None of the kids in the school got Hurt. Annie ran up to them, “Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god,” Annie said.
“Where were you?” Ben asked. 
“Like I said at the bubblers,” Annie answered. “I ran up to it, there was this rumbling sound and splash a hole gush of water came out.” Annie exclaimed.
“And you didn't get taken out by it?” Matilda asked.
“What?” Annie cried.
“You didn't get taken out by it?” Matilda asked again a little louder. 
“No it just rushed past me,” Annie yelled frustratingly even louder than Matilda.
“Wow that's really cool!” Richard exclaimed. 
“No it's not, I think I've gone mad.” Annie cried.  
“That's the the most likely cause,” Richard said calmly.
“Oi! You would have freaked out too,” Annie complained, “No way! It’s fine, you haven't gone mad,” Matilda said. 

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