Entry:  071 Name:  Tiera Age:  10 Champion: My Mums & my Tutor Hi my name is Tiera, I have dyslexia and I am 10 years old.  I hav...

My Red Letter 2017 - E071 - Tiera

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Entry: 071
Name: Tiera
Age: 10
Champion: My Mums & my Tutor

Hi my name is Tiera, I have dyslexia and I am 10 years old. 

I have 3 champions who help me on my journey through dyslexia. 

My mum Sara is my champion because she is always fighting for me and trying to find ways to help me learn in a way that works for me. My mum Sara is always trying to educate my teachers about dyslexia so they understand that I am not lazy, that learning can be a real struggle for me. and that learning is not as easy for me as the other kids who don’t have dyslexia. Mum Sara tells the teachers how I get tired faster than the other kids do and that my brain has to work harder to understand. My mum Sara also tries to help my teachers understand that I can become anxious about school work and that it is confusing and stressful for me to lean sometimes. I use to think I was dumb now I know that I am not dumb at all. 

My mum Helen is my champion because she loves me and believes in me and shares a love of design with me. My mum Helen has taught me about interior design and how to make clothes. I have been designing clothes for dolls for a long-time and now I also make rooms out of cardboard boxes and make beds, and furniture and other items for the rooms to make them look really cool. I make bedspreads, for the beds, I make pictures for the walls and I even make things out of clay and paint them, like plates and cups and other things to go in the rooms.

My mums found a school for me that is a better place for me to learn and now I feel safer and happier at school. My mums also taught me about all the famous people who have dyslexia and showed me how my dyslexia means that my brain works differently and how I have the ability to think of things that other people who don’t have dyslexia have never thought about.  My mums help me understand how my dyslexia makes me unique in a very special way.  

My mums also found me someone who helps me understand how to learn how to read and she is my third champion. Her name is Vicki and she has really helped me get through my tough times with dyslexia. She is my tutor and she encourages me to learn and shows me ways to read that really work for me. Sometimes I think that if it wasn’t for Vicki I still would not be able to read. Vicki even comes to my school to help the teachers understand what I need. My mum says that we are lucky to have Vicki and explained to me how she gives up her own time to come and help my mum talk to the teachers about what I need.  I think that I am lucky to have found Vicki too. 
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