Entry:  068 Name:  Debbie Age:  Adult Champion: Jamie Dunn (Radio Host) I am writing to you to thank you for something you did for my d...

My Red Letter 2017 - E068 - Debbie

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Entry: 068
Name: Debbie
Age: Adult
Champion: Jamie Dunn (Radio Host)

I am writing to you to thank you for something you did for my dyslexic daughter 8 years ago. 

My daughter couldn't read or write despite years of tutoring and intervention and she was completely disheartened. So for the first 4 years of schooling, she felt dumb and useless. 

When she was in year 4, we finally got evidence based advice and support after she was formally diagnosed with dyslexia. With multi-sensory tutoring and effective programs in place, Alyssia began to read by herself. From  a very early age, she loved books & we read to her every night. You can imagine our delight when she started to read all by herself. 

Our morning routine at home everyday involved listening to your morning radio show. It was always on in the background as we prepared ourselves for work and school. One particular morning, I was in the shower and Alyssia heard you ask the audience to call in and share stories about overcoming personal obstacles. She took the initiative and called the radio station. (unbeknown to me, you took her call and she announced that she could now read) She told you about her personal struggles with dyslexia and how she had overcome them. 

Due to a delay in the broadcast, a few minutes later, I walked into the kitchen to hear my little girl's voice on the radio! You were absolutely so kind and patient with her and you even asked her to read a couple of pages of her book. You openly wept and told her how amazing she was. It was a truly moving moment. I cannot tell you what that phone call meant to her. Your genuine interest in her was beautiful. To top it off, you gave her a trip to Tangalooma Island as a reward! For this reason, you are my dyslexia champion. Every dyslexic child needs just one person in their corner , a person who believes in them and allows them to shine. I thank-you from the bottom of my heart Jamie. 

I am happy to report that Alyssia is going to graduate year 12 in a few weeks time. She has excelled in every subject at school and her future in fashion design is looking very bright.
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