Entry:  059 Name:  Dannielle Age:  Adult Champion:  My Daughter My Hero is actually my Dyslexic daughter.  She was diagnosed with sev...

My Red Letter 2017 - E059 - Dannielle

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Entry: 059
Name: Dannielle
Age: Adult
Champion: My Daughter

My Hero is actually my Dyslexic daughter. 

She was diagnosed with severe dyslexia, dysgraphia and visual sensory issues - firstly at age, 9, then a full diagnosis at 15. She is now 21. 

She has persevered and pestered teachers to enable her to give oral presentations instead of lots of written ones, she did speech and drama, music and debating at school, all to help her develop and enhance her memory skills. 

Once she reached year 12 she could no longer do debating as it was ‘short preparation’ - on the spot- so no time to memorise, so she asked to be the timekeeper and helped research the topic. 

She has won numerous awards throughout school, not for academia but for Community, Leadership and her Art work.   
 She tutors others, talks to young people with dyslexia and is currently doing a double degree at University and working part-time and continues to tutor young ones. 
I’ve watched her struggle everyday with reading, writing and trying to be understood. She never gives up, and helps others along the way. She sees Dyslexia as a gift not a burden. 

Some days are very hard, but she loves learning and wants to help others and be a great example of what you can achieve. 

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