Entry:  057 Name:  Seren Age:  12 Champion: Teacher (Miss Dickson) A geirl was siting in the clas room feeling nervose dfeted and stres...

My Red Letter 2017 - E057 - Seren

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Entry: 057
Name: Seren
Age: 12
Champion: Teacher (Miss Dickson)

A geirl was siting in the clas room feeling nervose dfeted and streset, grinding her teeth and twidling her hands. she was riting dawn her spelling list for the week.  uver chilleden  had finish long ago but she was still on the ferst feroo words. it gust made her feel infirea ,werfliss,  stuiped and diperst. the dred of the spelling test at the end of the week mad her stumik brun with anvity of it . it was not gust spelling she fawned more dificlet then the uver kids. some uvers were math, tech, reading, riting. this was deffiting. for so long the oney cand, smart kid had been the one who cod read well and spell well and do relly complix math, she fort, looking down at her woke then up at the bord. her stumik dropd as she filt lick she was stering at some kind of batle felld and the dead solger was her parst falers, and the evergrowing army in the distsens was like her worry. the words lookd like a mind muddling pantern. 

Then a worm and welcomeing face came over and made her feel much ckbetter. This story was abaut me, Seren and my stuggle with dislivkser, and my champen, miss Dickson.  I was digosed with dislixm when I was 5 I didn, t get it at thorst. The fact that l saw difint words and letters to the uver people urand me made made me feel infever. I did not feel giftd but a cerssd. now I unerstand why thiay say it a gift. I love my dislixcer and Nort I ‘d say that. My champin, Miss Dickson, is cind and helpful . gust 7 munth ago I cudnt read very well, my hand riting was apoeling, I cudnt rely spell. but now I can read some chapter books and hand riting has Imprved drastcly and I can speel most words. Miss Dickson has allso helpet  me with my anizzity. I still struggle with reading and riting, and I still get hendaches from reading to long, but it has impooved drastikly because of my champion, Miss Dickson. 

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