Entry:  034 Name:  Nathan Age:  13 Champion: Mum, Teachers, Coach What is it like to sit in a classroom as a dyslexic? I don’t like s...

My Red Letter 2017 - E034 - Nathan

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Entry: 034
Name: Nathan
Age: 13
Champion: Mum, Teachers, Coach

What is it like to sit in a classroom as a dyslexic?

I don’t like sitting in a classroom. I feel sick in the stomach. I fidget with my hands and hide my face. I sit at the back of the room so no one notices me. Sometimes I don't go to school. 

But there the people who make things better.

My mum is a champion because she helps me with learning to read, helps with schoolwork, goes to meetings at school and Headspace, she helps me find the things I am good at like cooking and gardening, she encourages me to go to school and to try new things like Sailors with Disabilities. She sat with me so I could write this letter as I don’t like making mistakes. My mum tells me my dyslexic brain is wired differently but not broken. My mum makes me feel better about stuff I do. 

My teacher Miss King helps organises learning support, she calls or emails my mum to make sure school is going ok on the day. She helped me get back into class last term and helps with my assignments. We also had a baking competition about who can baked the best scones.

Ms Kaiserfield (Wellbeing teacher) understands what need to be done to help my dyslexia. She is helping my teachers understand how to help me.

The learning support staff at my school because they help me calm down when I am stressed and anxious. Then I can start to do my school work.

My boxing coach Rob because he taught me how to stand properly and punch. He encourages me even when I am not sure of myself. Each week after I finish my lesson I feel excited about the new things I have learned.

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