Entry:  033 Name:  Cassandra Age:  12 Champion: Mum,   Tutor (Hayley), Miss Radojevic (Teacher) To my first Hero’s Mum You are my her...

My Red Letter 2017 - E033 - Cassandra

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Entry: 033
Name: Cassandra
Age: 12
Champion: Mum, Tutor (Hayley), Miss Radojevic (Teacher)

To my first Hero’s Mum

You are my hero because you are always there for me when I was dicuraged even in my bad moods. You are kind and sometimes help me with my homework(with all the spelling). Thanks you are my hero.

To my second hero, My tuta Hayley

You are my hero because you have helped improve my spelling, reading and writing. I can right a page a bit more easily and read a easy book like Tom gates. Thanks you are great

My final hero is to Miss Radojevic 

She is a great teacher because she is always ok to talk to me about any of my problems or my work that I am stressed about anything. 
Thanks you are my hero an my favourite teacher 

You all are awesome thanks

From Cassandra 
12 years old
year 7 

I am dyslexic

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