Entry:  027 Name:  Lewis Age:  18 Champion:  My Family My dyslexia champions are my family.  I am now 18 years old and I have just...

My Red Letter 2017 - E027 - Lewis

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Entry: 027
Name: Lewis
Age: 18
Champion: My Family

My dyslexia champions are my family. 

I am now 18 years old and I have just completed my HSC.  I started my own Personal Training/Coaching business at the beginning of this year when I was 17 and while completing my Year 12 Studies.  

I would like to talk about the everyday support, acceptance, patience and understanding of dyslexia that I receive from my family.  This is my 'normal' –  

When I watch a movie and it has sub-titles, my sister will read them quietly to me. 

When we have games night my dad will read the list words in Scategories to me prior to each round. 

My mum will register me for my running events online,  then download the course map and go over it with me prior to the event. 

If I am going out for dinner my sister will google the menu so we can read over it together before I go.  

Before driving somewhere for the first time my dad will bring up Google maps so I have a clear picture in my mind of where I need to go.  Sometimes we even do a practice run. 

When I need to make physio appointments, haircuts, Doctors appointment etc my mum will make the appointment by phone for me, as talking on the phone is challenging for me.  

I have session boards for my Personal Training/Coaching sessions which my mum proof reads for spelling mistakes before every session.  

Reminders from all of them every, single, day - keys, wallet, phone etc. 

I don’t have to ask them, they just do it!  It is our family’s 
‘normal’.  How do I thank them for this?  There are just not enough words.  

They are my dyslexia champions. 

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