The Make it a Red Letter Day Competition began a little over seven weeks ago. The idea was to encourage children to express their feelings a...

Make it a Red Letter Day Competition Letters

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The Make it a Red Letter Day Competition began a little over seven weeks ago. The idea was to encourage children to express their feelings about living with dyslexia. Our hope was to create awareness in the general community and influence those in a position to create change to take action.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our incredible community - you have taken the Red Letter Campaign on board and we have made an impact. It has been a roller coaster of a journey this last seven weeks. Reading these letters has been joyous and heartbreaking in equal measure.

We would especially like to thank the children for participating, as we know the immense amount of strength it took for you to put all your vulnerabilities on the page for the world to see. In our eyes you are all beyond amazing, your voices are being heard and that helps all children. Thank you.

The competition has now closed with an amazing 103 entries, please take the time to look through all these letters if you have not yet. They will touch your heart and soul, and hopefully move you to advocate for much needed change in the education system.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you from the members of the organising committee. Victoria, Julie, Jen, Sarah, Anita, Carolyn, Heidi, Belinda and Maree.

Entry # Link Age State
E001 Christa 17 VIC
E002 Anna 7 NSW
E003 Lewis 16 NSW
E004 Tilly 6 NSW
E005 Caden 9 SA
E006 James 9 QLD
E007 Zoe 10 SA
E008 Megan 10 NSW
E009 Casey 8 SA
E010 Eliza 17 SA
E011 Charlise 10 NSW
E012 Alexa 8 VIC
E013 Scout 10 WA
E014 Harrison 14 NSW
E015 Heidi 11 VIC
E016 Lily 10 QLD
E017 Taylah 12 SA
E018 Ella 10 WA
E019 Hunter 9 VIC
E020 Grace 10 SA
E021 Nalani 9 WA
E022 Jade 7 SA
E023 Grace 8 NSW
E024 Leo 11 SA
E025 Nathan 12 NSW
E026 Fletcher 7 WA
E027 Kate 8 NSW
E028 Olivia 9 VIC
E029 Claire 5 VIC
E030 Liam 12 VIC
E031 Ruby 10 VIC
E032 Harrison 13 WA
E033 Cailam 15 WA
E034 Lachlan 14 WA
E035 Niamh 10 WA
E036 Jasmine 16 WA
E037 Elizabeth 18 NSW
E038 Mackie 12 VIC
E039 Gwendolyn 9 SA
E040 Chelsy-Rose 11 VIC
E041 Tara 10 VIC
E042 Maisie 11 NSW
E043 Jade 11 WA
E044 Bethany 9 NSW
E045 Callie 9 NSW
E046 Kaiya 9 VIC
E047 Ruby 10 SA
E048 Karla 11 NSW
E049 Harry 10 QLD
E050 Amity 8 QLD
E051 Riley 11 VIC
E052 Dylan 10 SA
E053 Jamie 10 VIC
E054 Jayda 11 WA
E055 Rachel 11 WA
E056 Connor 10 NSW
E057 Georgia 10 SA
E058 Jessie 8 SA
E059 Daniel 11 SA
E060 Mason 11 QLD
E061 Samual 9 SA
E062 Alexander 14 VIC
E063 Emily 10 SA
E064 Violet 10 VIC
E065 Jaxon 7 SA
E066 Amelia 10 NSW
E067 Charlie 9 QLD
E068 Tiera 9 NSW
E069 Tyko 10 SA
E070 Amelia 8 NSW
E071 Tully 12 QLD
E072 Soren 11 VIC
E073 Hannah 14 NSW
E074 Belle 13 SA
E075 Tyler 12 QLD
E076 Patrick 8 NT
E077 Sebastian 9 NSW
E078 Mikayla 11 VIC
E079 Imogen 11 QLD
E080 Kris 11 VIC
E081 Lili 11 NSW
E082 Harley 11 VIC
E083 Darcy 11 NSW
E084 Jasper 9 NSW
E085 Menindee 13 NSW
E086 Cloe 14 SA
E087 Oliver 11 VIC
E088 Jasper 9 VIC
E089 Asher 12 NSW
E090 Emily 13 NSW
E091 Aidan 11 VIC
E092 Kieran 11 WA
E093 Jordan 16 SA
E094 Baylie 9 VIC
E095 Lauren 10 VIC
E096 Lucas 9 NSW
E097 Phoebe 18 WA
E098 Alyssia 16 QLD
E099 Milla 9 VIC
E100 Lincoln 9 SA
E101 Elliott 12 VIC
E102 Jack 11 VIC
E103 Tahlia 10 QLD