Entry ID:  019 Name:  Hunter Age:  9 Recipient:   The Hon. James Merlino, Judy Rose, Cathy McGowan,  School Principal, John Cena ...

019 - Hunter's Red Letter

17:06:00 Dyslexia Australia 3 Comments

Entry ID: 019
Name: Hunter
Age: 9
Recipient: The Hon. James Merlino, Judy Rose, Cathy McGowan, School Principal, John Cena



  1. Well done Hunter, (Mum might help you read this) that was very brave to share what it is like for you at school. I am sure that it will spark an interest in how to help you more at school. Most teachers I know want to help. Just remember, keep motivated, it will often seem like its always hard work, but I think things are already getting better in schools and as you grow up you will find a special something you will enjoy doing and be really really good at. Sandy Russo

  2. A super effort Hunter! You structure sentences so very well and express your ideas so engagingly. Maybe you should become a politician one day?