Entry ID:  043 Name:  Jade Age:  11 Recipient:  The School Principal Jade's father is also dyslexic and has writte...

043 - Jade's Red Letter

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Entry ID: 043
Name: Jade
Age: 11
Recipient: The School Principal

Jade's father is also dyslexic and has written the letter below to inspire his little girl...

Dear Jade, My Special Girl x

I am writing this letter to you for light it up read day, to share with you some of the experiences I have had around dyslexia, why I think it is a blessing to me and I hope to inspire you to go on and do great things in your life.

Like you I am dyslexic and I think I know many of the feelings you have about it but over the years I understand that Dyslexia has made me who I am and made me successful, that might sound strange but let me tell you why.

Junior School
I still remeber when I was in grade 1 and 2 at school and I found reading, spelling English and maths really hard,  it use to make me so frustrated embarrased and stressed out to the point I was going to explode.    On one day I remeber having to stand at the front of the class and read a book out to everyone this made me so stressed and embarrassed because I really found it hard.    In Maths classes I also found it hard to keep up with everyone else when I was younger.   So I use to get taken out for extra classes this use to make me feel not as good as the other people and dumb, I really didnt like it.
But I was the best at other things, like woodwork, model making and being friends with everyone which helped me to get done what I needed,   I knew I wasnt dumb but it didnt stop me feeling like that, but this is one of the biggest problems in the school system,  unless you fit in to the school system the way it has been planned then you feel different.    The problem is the school system and the way it is set up it only tests for some things and English and Maths are two of the main ones.

High School
Was still very hard for me because no one knew I was dyslexic so I use to hide and avoid doing the things that were hard for me or try to use my skills of perssasion to get friend to help me,   this taught me that when there is something to do try and find someone who can help you who is good at the job.   This is one of the most important skills in life, we cant do everything ourselves so need to get help from others, thats not just dyyslexics its everyone.  I think you have friends who are great at maths and english but find other things like making friends and public speaking really difficult and scarey.   School only really tests for Englsih and Maths, but the skill you will really need in life is how to chose good freinds and people to help you in life and business.   And you are the best at this!!!!  Your top of the Class!!!
Only in Year 12 did a teacher think I had Dyslexia and test me for it, then when she told me I was dyslexic I didnt like like it a broke her fountain pen and never went back to her class again, which was silly beacuse she was the only one really trying to help me.
I made a deccison I was going to do well in my final exams so I studies like crazy with my best friend Zac and I got all A’s and B’s other than my English.     This showed me I could do what I wanted

Remember Schools only test you on somethings, and every time the test you they have to put a stop watch up which really freaks us Dyslexics out.   But let me tell you the best people in the world dont fit in to the school system and when you start work you dont get tested on the things they test you on at school.   You get given problems and you find solutions using ideas, people you know and stratergies that no one has even thorught of or told you about in school.

The most clever and successful people in the world dont really fit in to the school system , you know some of the great people Bill Gates (the most important man in computers) Steve Jobs ( the man who invented the Iphone Ipod and all the apple stuff) Jamie Oliver, Tom Cruise (and many other actors and actresses -Dylsexia  gave them great memories and so they can be great actors and remember lines better than most people).  Also the most intelligent person of the last 100Years was Albert Enistine and you know he was dyslexic, so please believe in yourself and know you are one smart little girl.  

It took me many years to belive in myself and this made me scared of many things, like public speaking or speaking up and giving my ideas I didnt think anyone wanted to hear what I had to say beacuse I felt dumb.    One of th reasons I felt dumb was beacuse my teachers told me to give up one teacher told me “ for eneryone else we say try try try again but for you Graham just give up”, and another teacher told me I woould never be able to do anything in my life.    These two things made me work harder and even more detemined to achieve, and the dumb ones were them because they didnt do their jobs propoerly and support me.     So dont every feel dumb or let anyone tell you cant do something, it might be hard but you can do it!

What Dyslexia taught me was how to fight, even when it is hard and people told me I couldnt do it, I found a way.     I have a great job and many people in both England and Australia respect what I say in the security industry and that is beacuse I have worked hard and fought to be successful, which is exactly what you have learned in the last few years at school,  you have fought to improve your English and maths and I am so proud of what you have done.      It was only 12 years ago that I got enough courage to talk in public and give my ideas  but you already do this with your presentation in class last year on Dyslexia and you public speaking so you are so far ahead of where I was when I was your age.        Jakie French said genius is tallent and hard work,   well I have worked hard and I have succeded, there are many people in life who are smart but less people will work hard.     You are smart and you work hard so you can do what you want.

So I just want to say you are awesome I love the way you fight to achieve in everything you do, the way you are so caring to others how creative you are just keep your focus and passion and you can do anything!   , As the tee shirt says “Our Difference is Our Strength”   Passion - Communication - Commitment - Social Awareness 

All my love Daddy XXXX