Entry ID:  040 Name:  Chelsy Age:  11 Recipient:  The Editor of The Herald Sun

040 - Chelsy's Red Letter

21:40:00 Dyslexia Australia 1 Comments

Entry ID: 040
Name: Chelsy
Age: 11
Recipient: The Editor of The Herald Sun

1 comment:

  1. MY AUNTIE DIED AT 102 AND LIVED WITH DYSLEXIA ALL HER LIFE all she could do was sign her name,she could not read or write but ,what a memory ,she managed station properties,cooked all her recipes for cakes scones breads and all things in life were stored in her brain ,my uncle wrote them all down in a book so if she forgot an ingreadiant we could look it up for her nothing was impossible for her house keeping, cooking,gardening ,looking after horses sheep farm animals cats shoot rabbits,ferret go bush herself my uncle she could drive cars trucks ride shop.and do all sorts of things except read and write. so chelsea go for it there is nothing you can do and do not hide it but think your brain is mightier than the pen

    love Poppy and Iam not perfect .nor rich but I am still here to help