Entry ID:  023 Name:  Grace Age:  7 Recipient:  School Principal Hi my name is Grace.  I found out that I was dyslexic when I was 7 y...

023 - Grace's Red Letter

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Entry ID: 023
Name: Grace
Age: 7
Recipient: School Principal

Hi my name is Grace. 

I found out that I was dyslexic when I was 7 yrs old. And I went to lots of appointments and now I am eight and I am not that good at maths . So I just sit there waiting to see some things that I know like plus and takeaway and times and I can't keep up with the class when we do maths or spelling cos I think it's hard to do. But I am quite good at art, drawing and making up different ideas than others. And my mum said I am quite good at making up stories and umm.... singing. 

❤️Don't worry dyslexia is ok to be and see❤️

When I do maths or spelling my brain doesn't agree with me, so it says this thing and it's really annoying because then it makes me not be able to think. 
(Brain picture "switch off time" reversed) 

I think we shouldn't do more tests because it's really hard (sad face) to do when my brain switches off. So that's why. Good bye

Red letter for dyslexic kids
From Grace


  1. Hi Grace, (Mum might read this to you) I think your letter was really good, even though you find things hard, sometimes it is good to have a test to find out why. In school the tests should be so that teachers can find out what you know and what to teach you next. Things get easier as you get older especially when you have a supportive family.

    Its good that we can understand what you wrote, and you wrote such a lot. Its also good to let others know that it is ok to have dyslexia. I have added a link for you to look at that a young boy's sister wrote and illustrated to show how it is for him. You might see some similarities. http://www.speld-sa.org.au/information/dyslexia-mason-s-story.html Sandy Russo

  2. Grace, that's a fabulous letter. My very clever, smart and gorgeous 7 year old daughter feels just the same way as you. But your writing was awesome. Thank you for sharing your story. My daughter Jodie will love knowing that she isn't the only one like this ��