Entry ID:  009 Name:  Casey Age:  8 Recipient:  SA Education Minister Hon. Susan Close & School Principal Hello, My name is...

009 - Casey's Red Letter

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Entry ID: 009
Name: Casey
Age: 8
Recipient: SA Education Minister Hon. Susan Close & School Principal

My name is Casey. I'm 8 years old and I am dyslexic.
I found out I was dyslexic at the start of the year.
I find it hard with spelling and reading and maths.
I get confused.
I sound words out but never get it right.
Maths I just don't understand it as quick as everyone in my class.
I feel a little bit embarrassed cause if I don't get it right people will laugh at me.
I find it hard to remember the hard things I've learnt, my brain forgets.
I don't like having it, it confuses me.
Teachers can tell us what to do and sometimes I don't understand. I ask them to explain a bit more but I feel a little scared asking.
When my class mates are talking about work that we have already done but I've forgotten it. I feel different, I feel scared to tell them. 
My favourite subjects at school is PE. I like PE because I can be active and move around. I like Art because I can be creative.
At home I like riding my bike, riding my scooter, riding my skate board and rip surf. I like doing Lego, I like building all the stuff.
I would like to have more time at school to finish my work so I don't haveto rush it.
Maybe if teachers can give me more instructions I will get it a bit better.
I've been lucky with my teachers because they are all nice and helpful. I don't know if they understand what it is like to be dyslexic, I don't understand.
I would like to be not embarrassed with my friends.
I used to think I was dumb but I'm not. I'm just slower than my classmates and that's ok.
Thank you very much for reading my letter. I feel very brave that I've done this and really pleased that I've done this too.
l hope you understand more about what it's like to be dyslexic.
Thank you
From Casey
Age 8

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  1. I love your letter, Casey! You are so great to write it!